Sunday, December 18, 2005

A perennial favorite for Italian Tapas

'inoteca has had a relatively short life in it's 2 years of being in service (their doors opened in 2003), but it has a following like a 20 year old restaurant. Without fail and at almost every moment that it's open for primetime service, 'inoteca is bustling with a full house and a line of 10-20 crowding around the front door and the side bar waiting for a table. I remember arriving at 'inoteca with my former roomate Christina at 11:30PM and we didn't get seated until 1AM. Friday, I got there relatively early at 7PM, so we had no problem getting seated right away.

At the helm of 'inoteca is Jason Denton and brother Joe. If you're from San Francisco, you'd probably recognize that name from Harry Denton's, who happens to be their uncle. Jason Denton, at under 35, already has a slew of NYC restaurants to his name including the smaller and older sister of 'inoteca, 'ino; Lupa; and Otto.

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