Friday, December 16, 2005

I got Lucky for lunch

As the thoughts of In-n-out danced through my head this Christmas season, in anticipation of my flight back to California for the holidays, I made like a pregnant woman and craved some greasy goodness for lunch. Where did I turn to for advice? Well, I asked myself, where could I go to get a hamburger today for lunch? Well, duh, if I wanted a hamburger today, then I go to A Hamburger Today(AHT). OK, OK, corny yes, but I like the name of the blog.

I actually had a burger joint in mind already. I did a search for a review and BAM! they'd reviewed it already: Luckys Famous in the East Village/Alphabet City.

I had had high hopes of the place ever since I moved to the neighborhood, but I read the review and got disheartened because it was pretty bad. Their burgers apparently had a sweet marinated patty that the reviewer didn't like. More interesting though is what follows the review, at the bottom a series of responses, first from the owner of Luckys Famous himself, then a mud-slinging back-and-forth commentary between readers. Needless to say, this made me want to go and try it for myself even more so I made my way down.

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