Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Little Cafe off Avenue C

I saw Brokeback Mountain on Sunday - you know, the movie about the gay cowboys? It's a really sad love story between two people. Actually, it's not just a sad story, Brokeback was depressing - Paxil anyone? I saw it with Janet and Susana and we left the movie feeling like we needed to drink our sorrows away.

So off we walked to Cafecito on our way home from the theater - a hole in the wall with Cuban fare and two big jugs of Sangria at the bar, soaking and ready to pour. We walked in past the velvet curtain to a dimly lit, bustling place that barely had 10 or 15 tables down a narrow hallway. Latin music was blasting over tables of diners celebrating birthdays, toasting sangrias, and feasting on ropa vieja. Cafecito has an atmosphere more like Cafe Habana than any of the other point and eat buffet Cuban restaurants in the city. At Janet's first mention that she liked the atmosphere at Cafecito, a pair of Japanese girls were walking to a table and Janet whispered: "They just said they like the atmosphere in Japanese" Feeling left out, I said "I like the atmosphere too" and I did.

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