Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bright and early at a Robuchon outpost

This is a long one...

Today we said au revoir to our 36-hour gallavant into the culinary world of Paris. It was 9AM and we had a little time to kill before our noon reservation at La Table that our concierge made for us upon check-in to the hotel. Susana got ready and ran across the street to see the Louvre, all the while having her own little adventure inside the massive wings of that monstrous museum, while I grabbed a cup of cafe creme and walked around Rue St Honore and the Jardin just outside. After checking out and grabbing our luggage (our flight was at 5PM and there was no telling how long we were gonna be at the restaurant for) we made our way to the 16th Arr. Sundays in Paris, especially in the more residential areas of the city, are deader than the Financial District of NYC after 6PM. We got to the La Table about 10 minutes early, but the place was still closed along with almost everything else on the block, apparently they didn't open until noon, so we must've been one of the first reservations of the day.

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