Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Macaroon part Deux

Shuna from Eggbeater reminded me that Thomas Keller is not a pastry chef. That fact never really occurred to me when I decided to use the recipe from the Bouchon cookbook. In my continuing attempt to make the perfect, or at the very least edible, macaroon, I've dumped the Bouchon recipe for one that was tried and tested at least seven times by someone who I'm sure is a Pastry Chef, David Lebovitz.

My first batch followed the recipe to the tee, including a 15-18 minute baking time, but the macaroons turned out overcooked and more like merengue crisps. When I took a bite into one of them, they cracked and splintered like a light bulb. 

I cut the baking time in half to 9-10 minutes for the second batch and they turned out much softer. I was pleased with the results. But the story ends the same as the first. These macaroons tricked me. An hour after they cooled, they got super-chewy like the Bouchon ones. At least they rose with a smooth domed top and had "feet." I think maybe I over beat the egg whites, I'm not too sure. If anyone has an idea how to make the inside less chewy, please let me know. 

I've run out of patience for today. The quest continues.

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